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cropped-banner1.pngHello and welcome to new friends & old friends of ENCHANTMENT! Yes… we’ve been on hiatus for a while due to some changes in ownership, but we’re back and ready to bring you some fairytale realness! Are you excited?! Well, ARE YOU?! Enchantment will be hosted every three months. It will no longer be a “Hop-Around” but it will all take place in one convenient, lag-free space. However, our awesome designers have placed out a special HUNT gift in their stores… You’ll receive a handy NC about that very soon.


*AUGUST 14th through SEPTEMBER 4th SUMMER “The Little Mermaid


*FEBRUARY 14th through MARCH 4th WINTER “TBD

*MAY 14th through JUNE 4th SPRING “TBD

That means, ENCHANTMENT will only be 4 times a year. Which makes it special and exciting and there are so many incredible events such as: The Epiphany, The Fantasy Collective, The Secret Affair, & Totally Top Shelf to tie you over in the mean time. Also, they’re all our neighbors! One stop shopping! BONUS! Ha. Okay… I digress. ENCHANTMENT will not only be a shopping event, but an experience with live performances, Trivia Nights, Movie Nights, & so much more!

To find the AUGUST ENCHANTMENT schedule Click on Calendar of Events on the sidebar menu.

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  1. […] What is also really great is that this time around, the event will also be featuring a one of a kind performance by The Lady Garden Cabaret, live music, trivia and more!  Click here for more information.  […]

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