Bloggers must agree to the following terms:

(Most of these rules go without saying, but please read over them so there are no misunderstanding)

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  • Bloggers will have a minimum of 3 posts for each event with at least one post made before the first 24 hours of event opening (1 week before/3 event weeks = 4 weeks)
  • At the very least, one post should reflect the fairytale. Please familiarize yourself with the fairytale before the event opens.
  • Bloggers will attribute credit to the designers by their full store name, not abbreviations, for all items
  • Bloggers must tag every event post on their blog and Flickr with “Enchantment” (more info on tags)
  • Bloggers will include the following in all event posts:
    • Event Name
    • Dates of the Current Round (Pre-Post Only)
    • Link to the Event Location (after it has been publicly released)
    • Full Store Name in Credits
  • Images must be uploaded to Flickr, tagged with “Enchantment” and added to the Enchantment Flickr group
    • Credits Coming Soon is not acceptable, please wait until your blog post is complete before uploading to Flickr
    • Make sure to leave link to blog post and/or Enchantment Website in the description
  • Bloggers’ posts will be syndicated on the Enchantment website and all related social media outlets
  • Bloggers will not ask a Creator for items unless they have a working relationship with that designer. Blog packs will be sent by all participating designers a week before the event opens.If you are interested in blogging for Enchantment you can apply here.
  • Bloggers may blog any other items in addition to the 2 that are required.  This is to ensure all creators are represented for the event.


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