Duchess Flux
Troll Bouncer- Event Owner

Duchess Flux has been a Second Life Fantasy Fashion connoisseur for almost 8 years. With her creative blog, Threads and Tuneage, she’s been able to reach out to the Second Life community and share her imaginative and unique style specializing in Fantasy and all things beautiful. She lives and breathes Enchantment!

Sugarfairy88 Resident
Pretty Pixie Poker-Manager

Sugarfairy is an avid blogger and sl artist who loves fantasy and science fiction.  It is her passion and hobby.  Each photo is an expression of her vast imagination and moods.

Divine Paine
SIM Designer/Majestic Lion Tamer

Divine Paine is a renown SIM and Scene designer within Second Life and her work can be seen throughout the grid. Her in-demand style is whimsy and beautiful with an ethereal touch that just makes you want to live in her daydreams forever. Divine also owns the amazing event, The Secret Affair.

Katya Valeska
Keeper of the Sacred Calendar

Katya Valeska is the newest member of the Enchantment team. She brings a wealth of experience and a dose of organization to this pack of boisterous fae. Katya owns The Liaison Collaborative and is the creator behind an lár [poses].

Arwenn Evenstar
Social Media Guru

Arwenn has been a constant speck of glitter and joy since joining the Enchantment team. She is the wordsmith and social media guru for the event and keeps everyone in line with her box of magical tricks. Arwenn is also the brains and talent behind Whimsical Marketplace, a fantasy fashion store of even minute proportions.

Voshie Paine
The Original Enchantress

Voshie Paine is the original Creator/Owner of Enchantment and she is also the owner of two very successful labels in Second Life, La Petite Morte and The Annex. Although she has taken a step back, she is very much a part of the Enchantment family.


“Party-time Organizer and master of the shiny thing. Long-time resident Secondlife faerie changling who fills the grid and the offline world with faerie music for both worlds. Creator, Machinimist, Vocalist, and Community Faerie Ambassador.”

Gopu Aulder
Web Guru

Gopu is the elf that is kept locked deep down in the dark depths of the caverns of Ippos. They only let me out when they need website updates on Threads and Tunage, The Secret Affair, or Enchantment. SOMEONE RESCUE ME PLEASE!

Hunt Organizer

Sarah, secretly a mermaid, loves getting lost in fairy tales and is thrilled to help bring Enchantment to life. She is easily distracted by shiny things, and waffles.

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