Neverland ~ The Map

Pixie Hollow

In three short days Enchantment will open bringing to the grid all things Neverland! The build for the event is nothing short of PANtastic! There are 6 separate areas and for the most part the designers in those areas matched the theme. The shoreline where you land is where our tale begins. Lining the beach you will find the amazing sponsors for this round of Enchantment in front of gigantic storybooks. As you leave the beach you will come upon the Lost Boys area. Jungle goodness and boyish charm abound. Boys race around at your footsteps and the trees hide wild hangouts. “Would you like an adventure now, or shall we have our first tea?” Let’s skip tea and head to the Mountain, home to the beautiful Tigerlily. This area is “for the girls with messy hair and thirsty hearts.” Fire-dancing is encouraged! As you hike down the mountain you glance to the left and see a hollowed out log, it appears to lead to someplace magical! Pixie Hollow is home to all things fae and enchanting; from fairy outfits to furniture, you name it… all you need is “faith, trust and a bit of pixie dust!”  Down the cliff things get a little dark! It’s a pirates life for you, you say? Well the shores of Skull Island are loaded with bootie! Steer clear of the crock and sink into the silent waters of Mermaid Lagoon.

We are determined to submerge you into this lovely tale. Be sure to check back to view the calendar of events for this round of Enchantment.

…. never grow up …..

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