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Enchantment Photo of The Day!

I'll meet you at the gate to anywhere and nowhere

Today’s photo of the day is by artist Bambi.  It has been years and the peasant girl Buttercup has been nowhere to be found.  Then, one day, the Prince Humperdinck announces his new wife, Buttercup. . . This photo has that feeling of sadness and loneliness of Buttercups farm after she was stolen away by the prince.  The colors are muted like an old photograph and it also instills a feeling of melancholy and stillness.  This is a stunning image Bambi!  Great work!  Enchantment is now open! Come and visit Enchantment HERE.  The Lost Unicorn Photo Contest has begun!  Check out the rules HERE.  Upload your submissions HERE on Flickr.  Contest ends Sunday March 1st.

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