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Enchantment Photo of the Day!

Arya Stark

“Ser Gregor. Dunsen, Raff the Sweetling, Ser Ilyn, Ser Meryn, Queen Cersei. Valar morghulis, valar morghulis, valar morghulis.”
~ Arya

Today’s Image of the Day is by artist Meriluu Lumoss. Arya Stark truly is “no one”. By book 5 she has had 14 aliases. On the show she had a few as well. This stunning portrait of Arya is just beautiful. It is full of color and action. Arya looks strong holding her Needle. the essence of this cahracter is seeping out from this picture!  Breathtaking work Meriluu! Enchantment: The Iron Throne is now open!!  Come and check out all the wonderful designers, complete the hunt and stay for the DJs.  The Lost Unicorn Photo Contest has begun!  Check out the rules HERE.  Contest ends June 2nd.

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