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Snow White


A poor widow once lived in a little cottage. In front of the cottage was a garden, in which were growing two rose trees; one of these bore white roses, and the other red.  She had two children, who resembled the rose trees. One was called Snow-White, and the other Rose-Red; and they were as religious and loving, busy and untiring, as any two children ever were.

Today’s Image of the Day is by artist Susanne Drechsler depicting Snow White from the story “Snow White & Rose Red”.  There are no words to describe how amazing and beautiful this portrait is.  It has a sweet and classic feel.  It is almost like a painting.  The soft tones really draw you in to the gentle nature of our character.  Wonderful work Susanne! Only a few days left at Enchantment!  Check out our awesome DJ events, start our hunt and check out the wonderful fairy tale decor.  Don’t forget to enter the Lost Unicorn Gallery Photo Contest.  Rules are HERE.  Contest ends December 2nd.

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