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Enchantment Photo Of The Day!


“To You, Inari, with Hettsui-no-Kami and a fleet of Kitsune too, let not Your Divine Presence ever be made untrue, if You sent one of Your messengers, then that Fox will always guide one through. Bring us the faith to be Smith to another age of crafts and tools, please ignore the fact that we are mostly ridiculous, clumsy fools, bring down a few comets and transform them into Sacred jewels. Send forth Your Herald, with all his tails of nine, bring us good measure in the harvest plus happiness in our wine, help us together in harmony, to let our dreamings peacefully intertwine.” ~anon

Inari was originally the Japanese God of Rice.  Around the 11th century he became associated as the Fox god with the Kistune as his messengers.  Many of the temples to Inari in Japan have Kitsune guardians placed throughout them. Kitsune have the attributes for good and evil, with many of them being tricksters.  Kitsune possess eternal strength and power with one of their chief powers being the ability to have infinite vision; they can hear everything and understand the secret thoughts of humans making them the perfect messengers for Inari.  Kitsune also have the ability to shape-shift or possess humans, usually females, and trick humans.  Kitsune can also be benevolent healers, bring wealth, and answer a women’s prayers.  Inari also bestowed on any being who assists a fox with good luck and fortune.

Today’s photo of the day is by artist Loverdag. Here we see a beautiful Kitsune dancing in the forest.  She is not only connected with nature but she is also connected with the divine.  The colors in this image feel so ethereal, like we are in another plane of existence!  The colors work beautifully together.  Thank you so much Loverdag for your amazing work!  Enchantment opens on May 9th  at noon slt.  Explore the lush forests of Japan and follow the fox spirits and other yokai on a new adventure of discovery.  Will the yokai help you or trick you?  Will they love you or frighten you? Along your exploration you will find wonderful creations made by some of SL’s finest designers.  And do not forget our wonderful hunt opening on Monday May 11th!   Hunt hints and Enchantment chat can be found in our Discord.  Come & join us here: https://discord.gg/jZ3u3eR  Keep an eye out for the landmark coming very soon!

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