Welcome to another magical round of Enchantment! We are so honored to have you all joining for another magical hunt sponsored by our incredibly talented Creators! Find yourself drawn into an adventure of the ancients and explore the depths of the Japanese spirit world crossing into ours. What seems to be ordinary is indeed extraordinary and, sometimes, frightening. As this compelling journey of the yokai unfolds in the world of ancient (or modern) Japan, you chase a delightful and curious fox to uncover the key secrets that contain prizes, revealing the past and showing the true nature of the Kitsune spirit. Have fun and remember to join the Enchantment Update Group or our Discord Server for help with the hints, event information, and friendship with some amazing people.

The hunt starts at the entrance to Enchantment. Simply click the hunt prim example by the Kitsune Tales HUNT sign to receive your landmark to your first destination. You’ll be looking for a Kitsune Mask in each of the stores you visit! The landmark to the next location will be located in the folder along with your prize. Hints can be found at each store by clicking the example on the hunt sign, alternatively you can use this page for hints.

Click here to go to starting point!


“It slipped and fell.The gap between the tables.”

3rd Eye Perceptions

“Damp Roots”


“Be careful! A weasel might run over me!”


“The fox, enclosed in an old altar, continues to stare into the past and future.”


“I saw a fox sneaking into the greenhouse!”


“It watches and protects ancient contraptions of stars.”


“You’ll find it between May and June.”


“It’s probably a sign……though you might need a Knight in shining Armour”

The Stringer Mausoleum

“Midnight is behind you”


“”Root” is the most important for your problem.”

~Jeanette’s Joint~

“Two tails? But I should have three! I’ll fix that mistake with a redelivery.”

:: ANTAYA ::

“Gift hidden in the flowers”


“From the entrance, go to the green forest wall in the front and find the white fox mask!”


“You’re looking mighty perky!”


“Wishing you all hope and heatlh <3”

Morbid Mausoleum

“These boots were made for walkin'”

MacMoragh an Gabha

“Hope Springs eternal “

Mosquito’s Way

“If you want to find the loot, you just need to move your foot. Up and down you have to look and don’t forget any nook. What you are looking for is right there! It’s waiting for you under the flare.”


“Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all”

The Flying Pony

“I threw a wish in a well”


“Kitsune turned into an apple and hid.”


“I’m in an apple tree but I’m not an apple”