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Enchantment Photo of The Day!

Fairy Dreams - Kitsune Tales

Today’s photo of the day is by artist Varosh Santanamiguel. In Japan, kitsune (fox) statues signify the entrance to Inari temples.  Inari is the Japanese God of rice and prosperity and the kitsune are his messengers.  Many of Inari’s temples are white stucco with large torii gates.  This image is so warm and ethereal.  The fox statues welcomes all visitors who have come to visit Inari.  The scene feels like a warm spring day.  This is stunning work Varosh!  Enchantment is now open.  Explore the lush forests of Japan and follow the fox spirits and other yokai on a new adventure of discovery.  Will the yokai help you or trick you?  Will they love you or frighten you? Along your exploration you will find wonderful creations made by some of SL’s finest designers.  The Enchantment hunt begins today, May 11th!   Hunt hints and Enchantment chat can be found in our Discord.  Come & join us here: https://discord.gg/jZ3u3eR  Come give us a visit here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nymphai/97/126/2912

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