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Lord of The Rings Knight of Enchantment Winner!


Hear ye! Hear ye! Enchantment would like to announce our Knights of Enchantment!  These brave bloggers took on the incredible task of making sure every designer at our event is featured in some way on their blogs.  This can take a lot of thinking outside the box since fantasy themes tend to bring out some amazingly unique creations.  Each round we will pick a first place winner for the best picture in our Knights of Enchantment contest.  This photo must not only feature creations that may have been missed early on but also use the theme of the event to create a beautiful piece of art and expression.  These bloggers go above and beyond to bring each round of Enchantment to life!

It was an incredible Lord of The Rings round in February 2019 and it was very difficult to pick a winner of this contest.  But today we would like to announce the winner: Blu Moonwall

Learn more about her and see her winning photo featured above this article.

Your SL Name: MsBlu Moonwall
What you prefer to be called: Blu
Blog URL: https://bluisthenewblack.com/
Flickr URL: https://www.flickr.com/photos/132125807@N06/

What is your favorite fairy tale and why? That’s a hard one. There are so many. But I love a good evil character, so based on that I would probably say Snow White with a real close runner up to Alice in Wonderland

What is your favorite thing to blog about? Anything Roleplay related or sexy fashion. I know a bit of a Hot-mix-up-mess right there, but I love as both could be viewed as RP.

What is your typical “style” that you like to put together/photograph for your fantasy images? A bad ass who’s got power, a strong stance and some dimension to her style or atmosphere.

What inspires your creativity? Fantasy pictures of all kinds being Anime, Fantasy, or Magical even. I love Science Fiction and Toy even. That’s a lot I know, but I guess I can find it or what I think I find in all photography, graphic art or fantasy art.

Any advice to other fantasy bloggers? I don’t know if I’m the person to be giving advice…I’m still new to blogging myself, but I will say have fun with your pictures. If you feel yourself not enjoying the picture just start over. I do it and more times than not it goes quicker and better.

Thank you Blu for your wonderful contributions to the Enchantment blog team!  I want to thank you and all of our bloggers for doing an outstanding job this round!  Until next time . . .

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