Welcome to another magical round of Enchantment! We are so honored to have you all HUNTING with us once more as we invite you to come and traverse across the lands surrounding Westeros to find amazing treasures! Remember to keep this website open as you go through the hunt. Just click on the store LM here and read the hint. This round, you’ll be looking for a dragon egg. There are three different colors so you never know which one you’ll find at each stop! Have fun and remember to join the Enchantment Update Group for help with the hints, event information, and friendship with some amazing people.



“They are nameless.”


“Check the Wishing Well”


“Bone to bone, hunt to hunt”

1313 Mockingbird Lane

“I gacha back on this one, so don’t wander too far! Look for something new, if you’re feeling lucky!”


“Where the dragons rule the skies is where you’ll find your prize”


“Bird loves egg”

Le Poppycock

“This is not dragon glass”

Firelight Stop 1

“You Light Up My Life”

Firelight Stop 2

“All Washed Out”


“You can find me inside only where the green grass grows.”


“Discounts and Specials”


“Watch out, this egg is very FRAGILE!”

3rd Eye Perceptions

“3rd E”

Adam n Eve



“On the red ball”

MacMoragh an Gabha

“Ask the dragon nicely”



Have Unequal

“The Heart of Aria”


”Please look up. It is there.”


“If you give a gift you shall receive your treasure”

Aphrodite Shop

“Red Wedding, no thanks, we are unbloody white…. and very close.”


“Have a Seat”

Coming soon, check back later!

Bee Designs



Little Branch