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Enchantment Photo Of The Day!

Dame du Luc/Contest Entry

“As they rode together Arthur said, ‘I have no sword,’ but Merlin bade him be patient and he would soon give him one. In a little while they came to a large lake, and in the midst of the lake Arthur beheld an arm rising out of the water, holding up a sword. ‘Look!’ said Merlin, ‘that is the sword I spoke of.’ And the King looked again, and a maiden stood upon the water. ‘That is the Lady of the Lake,’ said Merlin, ‘and she is coming to you, and if you ask her courteously she will give you the sword.'”

Today’s Image of the Day is by artist Synful Ghost. She rises to the surface, summoned by Merlin, to deliver Arthur the sacred sword Excalibur.  The sword that will give him rights to be King of England.  This image is just gorgeous.  The mood is full of mystical wonder and magic.  The mist surrounds the lady, framing her as she sleeps.  The expression makes us wonder how long has she been sleeping, guarding the sword.  The details feel almost real as if we can touch them.  Amazing work Synful! Come and visit Enchantment HERE.  The Lost Unicorn Photo Contest has begun!  Check out the rules HERE.  Upload your submissions HERE on Flickr.  Contest ends September 1st.

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