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Enchantment Photo Of The Day!

The Fabled Sword

“And below the hilt, in letters of gold: “Whoso pulleth out this sword from this stone and anvil is rightwise king, born of England.” Though many tried for the sword with all thier strength, none could move the sword. So the miricle had not worked. And in time, the marvelous sword was forgotten. This was a Dark Age, without law, and without order. The strong preyed upon the weak.”

~Narrator from The Sword in the Stone (Disney)

Today’s Image of the Day is by artist Augusta Godenot. Here we see the magical Excalibur stuck in the stone.  Only one can pull it and he will be the rightful king of England!  This image has a darkness about it but also a light.  The magical soft sunlight highlights the sword.  It feels like a sign of hope in the darkness of anarchy.  The owl is reminiscent of Archimedes from “The Sword in the Stone”.  This image feels so magical and beautiful.  Way to go Augusta!  You nailed it! Come and visit Enchantment HERE.  The Lost Unicorn Photo Contest has begun!  Check out the rules HERE.  Upload your submissions HERE on Flickr.  Contest ends September 1st.

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