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Enchantment Photo Of The Day!

The Frozen Queen "CONTEST ENTRY"


A mischievous little goblin with a magic mirror, a young boy caught in his game, a mirror piercing his heart with glass . . . Only one can help save him so his heart can no longer be cold.  Only one can save him from the curse from the evil goblin and she is The Snow Queen!  Come and join us starting Saturday November 9th at noon and go on an adventure with Gerda as she searches for her missing friend Kai.  Will she get to him in time to stop him from freezing to death?  Can she help remove the curse placed upon his heart from the goblin?  Or will Gerda remain forever in the garden with the witch of Summer?  Only you can help!

Today’s photo of the day is by artist Meriluu Lumoss.  Here we see The Snow Queen in all of her ice and snow.  The details in this image are glorious!  The colors work so well.  It feels like we are inside of a real painting.  Stunning artwork Meriluu!  Enchantment opens on November 9th at noon slt.  Explore the ice realm of The Snow Queen.  Along your journey you will find wonderful creations made by some of SL’s finest designers.  And do not forget our wonderful hunt!   Hunt hints and Enchantment chat can be found in our Discord.  Come & join us here: https://discord.gg/jZ3u3eR  Keep an eye out for the landmark coming very soon!

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