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King Arthur Knight of Enchantment Winner!


Hear ye! Hear ye! Enchantment would like to announce our Knights of Enchantment!  These brave bloggers took on the incredible task of making sure every designer at our event is featured in some way on their blogs.  This can take a lot of thinking outside the box since fantasy themes tend to bring out some amazingly unique creations.  Each round we will pick a first place winner for the best picture in our Knights of Enchantment contest.  This photo must not only feature creations that may have been missed early on but also use the theme of the event to create a beautiful piece of art and expression.  These bloggers go above and beyond to bring each round of Enchantment to life!

It was an amazing King Arthur round in August 2019 and it was very difficult to pick a winner of this contest.  But today we would like to announce the winner: Pickle

Learn more about her and see her winning photo featured above this article.

Your SL Name: LollipopLace Resident
What you prefer to be called: Pickle
Blog URL:
Flickr URL:

What is your favorite fairy tale and why?
I’m a sucker for a Princess and a happy ending, but I’ve always loved The Ugly Duckling. When i was a kid i had a teacher who would play the guitar and sing us the story and my Grandad gave me a Hans Christian Andersen book that I read until the cover was broken! It just brings back all the happy feels from being young and discovering books.

What is your favorite thing to blog about?
I love all types of fashion and love to push my boundaries, but the most important thing for me to write about in my blogs is the journey I’m on in regards to my mental health. I could blab on about that forever but just using my blog as a bit of a journal has impacted my real life and I’ll be forever grateful for that.

What is your typical “style” that you like to put together/photograph for your fantasy images?
I enjoy a theme, as I see pictures as a visual story. I don’t think much about me is consistent so my style varies… but I like that as it keeps me open minded. Some of my favorite pictures came from moments of “What am I doing?” but I’ve learned to trust the process.

What inspires your creativity?
Mostly it’s the products that I’m lucky enough to be supplied with, sometimes I’ll see a real picture that I adore and will keep it in a folder to attempt to recreate when I can, and other times it’s a story that I want to tell through a picture. There are so many talented SL photographers too, and that is inspiration in itself!

Any advice to other fantasy bloggers?
Believe in yourself and try not to compare your work to others, love what you do and just go for it. ♥

Thank you Pickle for your wonderful contributions to the Enchantment blog team!  I want to thank you and all of our bloggers for doing an outstanding job this round!  Until next time . . .

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