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Hi gang! Sorchiee here. My friend, Ember made a super neat blog on the HUNT and I found it super helpful. You might too! Ember’s Blog! Ember gives an in-depth look at all the HUNTY goodness with a description of how to actually play <3 I’ll include my most frequently asked questions:

*Where can I find the HUD? Here <— At the entrance there is a GIANT poster that says, HUNT HUD

*It won’t teleport me, why is that? You’ll be promoted when you wear the HUD to be teleported, you must accept the prompt.

*Why can’t I get the prize, I clicked the book a million times? First of all…Don’t click the book a millions times. Once is enough. You need to be close enough to the book to click and be wearing the appropriate HUD.

*These Hints don’t help…How can I find the book? Our Enchantment Update Group is the best source for help!

*Do I need to complete all stores in order to get the trophy? Nope.

*Do I need to go in order? Nope.

Hope this helps, Unicorns!

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