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Snow Daze

Once upon a time there were two children named Hansel and Gretel who lived in the forest with their father and mean step mother.  The step mother hated them and had them abandoned in the woods. Their bread trail, eaten by the hungry forest crows, was no were in sight but up ahead in the path they see a wondrous sight.  A house made of chocolate, icing and candy!  Little did they know they had stepped into the trap of the evil forest witch.  Today’s Image of the Day is by artist clau.dagger depicting a Christmas version of Hansel & Gretel.  We love the cold and yet holiday feel of this image.  The cool colors of the background contrast with the warm holiday cheer of the witch.  It makes you wonder if she is friend or foe?  Lovely work Clau! Visit us at Enchantment for some amazing shopping and beautiful scenery!  And don’t forget to enter the Lost Unicorn Gallery Photo Contest.  Rules are HERE.  Contest ends December 2nd.

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