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Once upon a time there was an old goat. She had seven little kids, and loved them all, just as a mother loves her children. One day she wanted to go into the woods to get some food. So she called all seven to her and said, “Children dear, I am going into the woods. Be on your guard for the wolf. If he gets in, he will eat up all of you all, even your skin and hair. The villain often disguises himself, but you will recognize him at once by his rough voice and his black feet.”  Today’s Image of the Day is by artist Pickle depicting the story of The Wolf & The Seven Young Goats by the Brothers Grimm.  This photo is just so darn adorable!  The colors are a mix of warm and cold and the pose used brings an animated feel to this.  Great attention to detail Pickle! Visit us at Enchantment for some amazing shopping and beautiful scenery!  And don’t forget to enter the Lost Unicorn Gallery Photo Contest.  Rules are HERE.  Contest ends December 2nd.

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