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It was not a kiss that changed the frog....

Did you know that in the original Frog Prince tale the Prince’s curse was not removed by a kiss but by the princess allowing the frog to eat with her and sleep on her pillow?  That’s right!  It was not until much later that the kiss was added to the story.  Today’s Image of the Day is by artist Duchess Flux.  Duchess has so cleverly created a fantastic and magical scene where the frog is courting the princess in the pond.  The lovely fireflies dance around them as they sail on a romantic boat ride.  What a wonderful and fun scene Duchess!! Come and join us at Enchantment!  And dont forget to enter the Lost Unicorn Gallery Photo Contest.  Rules are HERE.  Follow the link HERE to visit the Flickr group and submit your photo!  Contest ends August 31st.

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