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Enchantment Photo of The Day!

Geisha Kitsune

Today’s photo of the day is by artist Synful Ghost. Here we see a very lovely portrait of a geisha or perhaps it is just a disguise.  Underneath she could be a kitsune.  The earthy colors give the image a very warm tone and the fantasy feel of a kitsune is very detailed with the unique style.  The firefly lights give this image an extra aura of mysticism.  Amazing work Synful! Explore the lush forests of Enchantment and follow the fox spirits and other yokai on a new adventure of discovery.  Come give us a visit here for our shopping event: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nymphai/97/126/2912   And do not forget our hunt and Photo Contest wit The Last Unicorn Gallery.  Check out the contest information here: Photo Contest Info Hunt hints and Enchantment chat can be found in our Discord.  Come & join us here: https://discord.gg/Q9a4Qza

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