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Enchantment Photo of The Day!

Christmas Corner

Ahhhh there is nothing like sweet grandma’s house to visit during the winter!  Today’s photo of the day is by artist Kess. Come and sit by the fire with us as we share wonderful stories about winter and how the snowflakes are bees to the Snow Queen!  It will be just like when Kay and Gerda sit by the fire and listen to the stories from the grandmother in the winter.  This image so so warm and inviting.  The colors are dark with high contrast but the light gives it warmth.  It feels like a lovely winters evening.  We would all love to sit on that chair, eat some cookies and read a nice book.  This is such a wonderfully detailed image Kess!  Great work!  Enchantment is now open! Come and spend some holiday time at Enchantment HERE. The Lost Unicorn Photo Contest has begun! Check out the rules HERE. Upload your submissions HERE on Flickr. Contest ends December 1st.

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