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Enchantment: Image of the Day


This round of Enchantment, just as the all the previous rounds have been, was an amazing experience! Enchantment closes it’s doors tonight at midnight! You still have time, so hurry on down and make sure you see all the wonderful items from our Enchanted creators!!! We would like to say a huge Thank You to all of our outstanding bloggers! We have enjoyed seeing your beautiful pictures and all your creativity. Today’s Image of the Day is by artist nimoe constantine entitled *Delicate Rose*. This image is amazing! We love everything about this picture! The dark background as it plays off of her pale skin creating a hauntingly angelic ambiance. The pop of red on her lips is the perfect accent to draw attention back to her face. The expression gives the feeling of sadness, but hopefulness as well. Simply Wonderful! Congrats Nimoe.

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