And the Winners Are…..

We had the  most beautiful images added to the Enchantment contest pool this round! The quarterly photography contest is sponsored by The Lost Unicorn Gallery and is themed after the Enchantment Event. The theme this round was Thumbelina and the pixie dust and tiny fae abound! Artists were asked to portray a part of the tale using their avatars, creativity and imagination. Three winners, 1, 2, and third, were chosen, along with 3 Honorable Mentions! The judges felt their work stood out as being the most creative in bringing Thumbelina to life. The winning images are on display at The Lost Unicorn Gallery . Please take a moment to stop by and view the images in the amazing gallery. The amount of work and talent at the gallery is nothing less than impressive!

Congratulations to all the winners! Your work is just stunning!!

1st Place
Oh Mother, Please…Are There Any Stories About Little People?  by Bri4nn4
Oh Mother
2nd Place
I Cannot Marry a Toad by Tamarind Silverfall

I Cannot Marry a Toad

3rd Place
Love by Iruki Levee
Thumbelina by Luka Henusaki
Dance of the Dandelion by Anderian Sugarplum
Dance of the Dandelion
Tiny Capture by Piggs Boucher
Tiny Capture

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