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1001 Nights & Snow White Bloggers Court


Sorry this is so late for 1001 Nights and sort of on-time for Snow White.  Both rounds were simply amazing and we want to thank each and every one of our bloggers for there work and dedication.  1001 Nights and Snow White were both so much fun and the SIM was decorated so perfectly and the designers really outdid themselves, it was a sight to see! Bloggers are the back bone to any event’s success and we would like to applaud their creativity! These outstanding Bloggers worked diligently to create a magical world filled with wonder and Enchantment and for that we want to thank them with this show of appreciation and support. Thank you Bloggers for always being the kindest, most talented, and loyal Bloggers in the Universe!  Each round we have our Bloggers Court. Our court is made up three outstanding Bloggers that went above and beyond.  We have 2 winners from 1001 Nights (due to the lateness of this post) and 3 winners for Snow White. Their passion and creativity shines in every post and here we have our August 2017 Blogger Court: Clau Dagger & Choitato.  Our November Blogger winners are Coqueta Georgia, Meriluu17 & Nekotto Resident!  Congratulations and bug hugs to you all…

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