The Frog Prince HUNT Hints & Landmarks

Welcome to another fantastically magical round of Enchantment! We are so honored to have you all HUNTING with us once more as we take a stroll through New Orleans and into the bayou. Just as we’ve done in previous rounds, we’ve decided to do the HUNT the old-fashioned way… So, remember to keep this website open as you go through the hunt. Just click on the store LM here and read the hint. It’s a little different this round, you’ll be looking for a frog! Have fun and remember to join the Enchantment Update Group for help with the hints, event information, and friendship with some amazing people!




“This frog is curious!”

3rd Eye Perceptions

“The 3rd E”


“Mmmmmm, yummy!”


“I adore unicorns!”


“Through the mist”


“It melts like wax”

The Cove

“Bubble bubble, toil and trouble”

Bliensen + MaiTai

“Not where the mermaids sing, not where elves reign, not where fish walk on legs (almost like frogs). In this cave Thor finds his hammer – and dragons host their amphibian friends. “


“I love gacha! Do you?”


“Come color with me!”


“Watch your step!”

also Known as

“Royalty prefers fine dining”

Le Poppycock

“Be-leaf in love”

Have Unequal

“The little Frog is in Love with the Butterfly!”

Serenity Style

“With just one jump I’ll be in the fishbowl”


“Perfect food for Dessert”


“Flying high in the clouds”

Zombie Suicide

“Spell casting and fortune telling will guide your future!”

Analog Dog Hair

“Oh, DEAR! You must have heard that I wouldn’t DARE to scramble a word.”

Fashiowl Poses

“In summer: pizza and pool!”

Whymsical Marketplace

“Is That Fairy Holding a Frog?”

Firelight – Gift 1

“Frogs love water and getting wet”

Firelight – Gift 2

“Watch the Unicorn”


“There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs!”


“Just as the princess looked into the water to find her treasure, so too must you!”


“I’m chilling in the main store on a fluffy pink heart waiting for some loving!”

Adam n Eve

“Pass through and look down!”


“Maybe the cashier knows where the frog is.”

Bee Designs

“Lets go to Mexico!”


“Green camouflage the prince has found,
And almost safe from sights,
But take care when you look around,
His hiding place – it bites!”

Elle Boutique

“A pile of words
Jackets of hordes
Take a quick look
In the place of the book”


Enchantment Update Group
The Trophy will be sent out multiple times within the next 3 weeks <3 So remember to grab it!