Welcome to another fantastically magical round of Enchantment! We are so honored to have you all HUNTING with us once more as we get lost in the fairy tales of The Brothers Grimm. Just as we’ve done in previous rounds, we’ve decided to do the HUNT the old-fashioned way… So, remember to keep this website open as you go through the hunt. Just click on the store LM here and read the hint. This round, you’ll be looking for an open book! Have fun and remember to join the Enchantment Update Group for help with the hints, event information, and friendship with some amazing people!


3rd Eye Perceptions

“The 3rd E”


“Hold on to me so you won’t be blown away.”

Cerridwen’s Cauldron

“A nice place to sit and read!”

Bliensen + MaiTai

“These fellows have too many feet. Then again, they need them to run back to the water. “

Whymsical Marketplace

“Care to try your luck?”

Serenity Style

“Take a look behind the car”


“Those antlers near me belong in one of these stories!”


“Nibble, nibble, little mouse, Who is nibbling at my house?”


“Faeries can’t fly without them!”

Have Unequal

“Use Your Grimm Powers and Find Karmen!!!”


“Behind the creepy source of light.”


“Snow White”


“Just like a photographer needs a LOT of LIGHTING to make great photos, you need good lighting to read a book! (In this case it’s maybe too much LIGHT).”


“Like Hansel and Gretel, find the gift by looking for bread”


Check later!


Enchantment Update Group
The Trophy will be sent out multiple times within the next 3 weeks <3 So remember to grab it!