1001 Arabian Nights HUNT HINTS & LM’s

Welcome to 1001 Arabian Nights! We are so honored to have you all HUNTING with us once more as we take a trip through another fantastic fairytale. This time around we’ve decided to do the HUNT the old-fashioned way… So, remember to keep this website open as you go through the hunt. Just click on the store LM here and read the hint. You’ll be looking for the Enchantment Fairytale Book! Have fun and remember to join the Enchantment Update Group for help with the hint, event information, and friendship with some amazing people!

The Looking Glass

” When nature indoors, illuminates your path… Take the many stairs for a refreshment….The quality of a meal can always be improved with good music, just ask Buddha, he knows.”




“Look for me behind the sun”

Puke Rainbows

“Close to the wood, the flowers are falling.”


“Let’s drink!”

Inspire Pose

“In the middle of the reform you will find what you are looking for”

Fashiowl Poses

“Are you afraid of abductions?”

Have Unequal

“The influence of Gaya over the Candle”


“I’m waiting for your message”

Whymsical Marketplace

“what could be more fun than Gacha?”


“What a pirate says”

*paper moon*

“These scarves are perfect for Queen Scheherazade”


“High five!”

*In order to receive the Enchantment TROPHY, you must belong to this group:

Enchantment Update group

The Trophy will be sent out multiple times within the next 3 weeks <3 So remember to grab it!